Don't let the "Dog Days" of summer kill your AC

I thought I would put together a quick post to provide some education about the problem of letting your dog (or your neighbors' dog) urinate on your air conditioner.  Besides being pretty gross, it's also doing serious damage to an expensive piece of equipment that you rely on to keep you cool when it's the hottest.  The urine will actually eat away the aluminum fins on the condenser coils until only the copper lines remain and more than likely a leak or two or three will develop.  You'll end up replacing the condenser sooner than you should have to and the dog's not going to help pay for it!

Don't believe me?  I present exhibit A


Yes, we had to replace the unit.  It's easy to see on this unit, but if you've got coil that you can't see and dogs that aren't thoughful, check to see if you've got damage and put a stop to it!

Stay cool this summer, even during the "Dog Days" !