Preventative Maintenance

Want to know how to prevent breakdowns and make your home comfort system last longer?  


The most common cause of system breakdowns is a lack of maintenance, and the most common culprit is dirt.  Dirt that builds up in the indoor coil that sits above your furnace that isn't caught by your air filter and the outdoor coil on your unit that lives in the elements 24/7/365.  Dirt makes your air conditioner less effective at cooling your home and less efficient with the energy it consumes.  It has to work harder and run longer, until it gets to the point that finally it breaks!  

Then you're hot, frustrated, and you have to call us.  Why not prevent this in the first place with a scheduled preventive maintenance program?

Use our Online Reservation system to schedule your Goldstar Preventative Maintenance appointment.  You can schedule from 5 days through 9 months in the future!  

Furnaces Need Love Too

It's not just air conditioners that suffer from a lack of routine maintenance.  Did you know that a neglected furnace can emit carbon monoxide? Hundreds die every year from this deadly gas, and even more get sick because of it. The primary cause of excessive carbon monoxide in a furnace is the build-up of rust or soot inside the unit and cracks in the heat exchanger. Checking for both of those dangers is a part of our Precision Furnace Tune-up

Regular service of your heating and air conditioning equipment can significantly reduce the chance of these frustrating and potentially dangerous breakdowns,  and provide you the uninterrupted comfort you want at a price you can afford.  Breakdowns usually happen when the equipment is working the hardest which will be when it is the hottest or coldest time of the year.

Find out more about why Furnace Maintenance is important in one of our blog posts here

The Service Helps Pay for Itself

Regular service of your equipment can save you thousands of dollars over the long haul in energy costs doing the same amount of heating or cooling.  Annual tuneups are recommended by Energy Star, the ACCA (Air Conditionig Contractors of America), and Your Neighborhood Comfort Expert, Illiana Heating.

 Regular service can extend the life of your system. Most systems are designed to last 10 years or more, however, a neglected system can fail in just a few years... resulting in a substantial financial loss and huge headache for you while you get your system repaired or replaced at the worst possible time (usually).  

What's Included?

 Goldstar Membership Features

As a Goldstar Member, you are guaranteed demand service appointments in 24 hours

Included preventive maintenance visits for your covered equipment

Never charged overtime service calls or rates

At least a 15% discount on repairs and consumables. 


Emergency Service, 24 hours a day

Priority Scheduling – when it’s 105˚ outside and the phones are ringing off the hook, you take priority over non-Goldstar Members

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Payment Options

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